What is Economix Compassion Act?

  • Economix Compassion Act is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program of The 21st Economix which is meant to give back to society and implement The 21st Economix’s grand theme, namely “The Rise of Deglobalization: Navigating a Fractured Future” and one of the sub theme, “Impacts of Deglobalization on the Path to Green Transition”
  • Through this organized event, their primary objectives encompass preventing harm to marine life caused by refuse and toxic substances. Additionally, we aim to transform waste materials into valuable resources, thereby making a substantial contribution to achieving a cleaner and more sustainable coastal and oceanic environment.

What Challenge Did They Have to Tackle?

Cituis Beach, KSS Bahari is filled with not only visitors of various ages, but also various kinds of waste from the ocean. Following that, the beach management has made numerous efforts to reduce the amount of plastic waste and level of abrasion.

How Did They Execute Their Mission?

  • In relation to the sub-theme carried by Economix, “The Impact of Deglobalization on the Path to Green Transitions”, this year’s Economix Compassion Act conducted a beach cleanup at Cituis Beach. This cleanup is expected to help improve the quality of the beach and thus create more job opportunities for locals. With the cleanup carried out by 85 Economix organizers and beach officials, 100 sacks of dry waste, weighing 5 tons, were successfully collected.
  • These big sacks of collected plastic waste will then be used as breakwaters. It is positioned near the shoreline and it acts as protection against tides, currents, and especially abrasion. Today, coastal areas are very vulnerable to abrasion due to rising sea levels caused by climate change. These plastic waste breakwaters can serve as a solution to both plastic problems and abrasion problems.
  • They hope that by doing this compassion act, they can raise public awareness regarding the abundant waste. They also wish that the small thing they have done could be set as an example as part of the society that still cares about this matter.

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